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Whose Skin are you wearing today?

The fashion world is so materialistic; but as human beings one should understand their responsibility towards the nature, the heritage and culture that is handed over to the next generation. A little understanding of this philosophy and small step towards the same can make a noticeable positive change.

This article talks about the way animals/reptiles' skin is treated to cover human skin.

The three levels of Cambridge Side Galleria near Boston were jam packed with an unusually humongous crowd, but the ambience was a silent whoosh of wind. There was a hint of excitement in each and every persons mind in the audience present. It was clearly evident that the audience was mesmerized and enthralled in the breathtaking appearances of models. Designers were showcasing their au courant collections of "Spring 2009" with the gratified looks on their faces.

The collection on display was so eye-catching that no one wanted to miss even a pinch of interesting details and message each one of those revealed-especially the young crowd, as they were visualizing those incredible outfits on their body curves and appreciating the hard work put in by the designers. Amidst the loud accolades, suddenly there was a wave of silence all over the place. Slow and steady, a model appeared on the side ramp wearing a red and yellow dress, embroidered with woolen fringes and beads. But wait! With her breath-taking outfit, she also wore a tube shaped scarf. The whole look of the model was a bit unique.

As she moved closer to the ramp and the spotlight, she became partially visible. The heavy detailing of the dress was worth a glimpse. The scarf was dazzling like all the stars of the Universe gathering in one galaxy. The model looked like a beauteousgoddess. But suddenly, the scarf moved. It started wrapping itself around the gorgeous blonde.

WOW! It was a beautiful Albino python-a reptile. That very moment witnessed a mixed reaction and whisper among the breathless crowd.

The announcer loudly announced the designer's name-"Sherry Batra" and continued to inform the hypnotized crowd about the designer's concept- "STOP KILLING AND START LIVING WITH ORGANICS." The audience heavily applauded the way in which the model presented the designer's collection on the ramp. How friendly she was with reptile-fondling & kissing. People started to fall in love with everything they were watching. That was awe-inspiring. Most of the audience had never seen two of the most beautiful creations of the Mother Nature presented on one platform. The bedazzled reaction from audience was enough to substantiate the message, which reached across, about my whole concept.

Designers always have an eye for beauty. Beautiful reptile skin is a live example. POOR REPTILES! Reptile skin is admired by Designers and Consumers for its variation in texture and the glistening effect of brilliant translucent dyes applied during the finishing process. Manufacturers market Snake and Alligator skins, along with other reptile hides, for expensive luxury merchandise like shoes, handbags, wallets, jackets, vests, and trim on hats and gloves.

Millions of reptile skins are exported, imported, or smuggled every year, and much of this trade is in contravention to international trade agreements protecting endangered species. After weapons and drugs, illegal trafficking of live exotic animals is the third largest black market in the world. The animals are illegally hunted in the wilderness of countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, China and Philippines and are shipped to North America and European countries.

Courtesy : fibre2fashion.com


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