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Jeans for the Curvy Woman

Curvy women now a days are getting increasingly noticed. If you are a woman with a curvy structure, and an hourglass figure, jeans is the right choice for you.

Jeans is the favorite choice of every fashion conscious woman. A curvy structure means more than one type of figure; starting from the typical hourglass figure to the one with high waist to hip ratio, and the woman with a little more extra weight. Most rugged form of apparel with style, the right choice of jeans depends on how they flatter the womans figure. 

Denim is the most traditional, and fundamental costume in every woman's wardrobe. Known for their durability, they have a unique feature, and look all the more appealing as they fade. A rebellious pair of simple jeans, and a designer wear, both has the same appeal among the shoppers. Be it rugged, or torn, self designer to designer wear; all speak of their own unique features, and give a 'chic' look to the wearer. Wrangler, Jordache, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, and the Iconic Levis are a few renowned brands.


Gazing into the crystal ball: Trend focus:


Fashion is an every changing phenomenon, captivating the world. The arrival of every season initiates a question in the minds of the modern women; "what jeans are in?" Current trends come with loads of new cuts, and perfect flares. Faded jeans with a perfect boot cut will be the seasons craze. Soft pastels will be a hit on both spring and summer catwalks. Embroidered and embellished jeans will be a popular craze.


  • The Color Palette: Color wise, faded jeans are in the latest collections. PVC jeans with a faux leather appearance are in fad. Stone washed jeans are back once again after a few seasons. Jeans stone washed on the thighs are the perfect choice for those who want to hop on the board with the trend. Blue; though ever green is not the only dominating color. White is hot now.


  • Stretchable jeans: They come and go, but are always in fashion. Stylish to look, they serve as a second skin, and make the wearer look thinner, and enhance the body shape. Choosing a pair of jeans that are lightened at the thighs and knees will give a shape, and attraction to the legs.


  • Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans with a straight leg, and stone washed effect will bring a great effortless style. Skin tights are a recommended choice of the tall women. The leg is straight and narrow. The style does not go wide at the ankles. Sitting snugly around the legs, they look pretty on slim and lean shaped. Many of us like skinny jeans, but the concern is about the comfort level. Wrong selecting of skinny jeans will cause a weird itching or burning sensation.


  • Boot cuts: Loose through the leg, and wide at the leg opening; the boot cut jeans look good on all shapes as it streamlines the wearers frame, giving a long and lean appearance. A boot cut jeans with a fade near the boots add to the look; especially the shorter women.


  • Low rise: This will be a major fashion statement. Patterned to sit on, or below the hips, low rise jeans are also preferably known as hipsters, hip huggers, and low cut jeans. Loose, baggy, flare, patterns will be seen in attractive hues. This will be a stylish outfit, if worn in a right way, supplemented with the right accessories.


  • Capri's, cropped, and cuffed jeans: With the span of time, along with the patterns and colors, length of the jeans also takes new dimensions. Capri's, cuffed, and cropped jeans will be the hot trend for the season. With a hemline just below the knees, a Capri is a right choice for a petite figure or a woman with short legs. Cropped jeans covers three fourth of the legs, and look good with a pair of high heels, giving a longer and leaner look to the legs. Cuffed jeans have a folding patter near, or below the knees. Matching with the current season and style, they will be seen in store racks, to suit the choice and budget of every woman.


The beauty of fashion becomes simply unmatched when emanated by a right choice of accessories. As new trends spring in the market, matching accessories like western belt buckles etc, also find their way into the fad. Jeans is the fascination of the whole world. This century old apparel has an undying charisma.

Courtesy : fibre2fashion.com


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