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Why Is It Necessary to Make Use of Organic Cotton in Clothes

One can only imagine the changes that have occurred in the world. How different was the Earth in the times of the primitive men? Or for that matter, how different was the Earth a few decades back? One can say that man changed land from 'green to grey'! Pollutants and toxins have made the Earth a concrete jungle.

If this continues, life on Earth will become difficult. Chemicals and pollutants have already caused enough damage to nature. It is necessary to preserve nature and its resources to the utmost extent. Any step that we can take towards reducing the use of chemicals and toxins is going to benefit the environment.

In our day to day lives, we can take many measures to ensure that we contribute our bit towards saving nature. We can make use of products that have a lesser chemical content in them or are devoid of it. Organic fruits, vegetables, and clothing will see to it that our responsibility towards nature is shouldered.

Cotton clothes ought to make use of organic cotton as a raw material. Ordinary cotton is not environment friendly. Researches indicate that the manner in which ordinary cotton is produced is extremely harmful to the environment. They make use of a considerable amount of pesticides and other chemicals which is later released into land and water.

This is not the case with organic cotton. Organic cotton is cultivated in an environment friendly manner. It hardly consumes any chemicals during the entire process of cultivation. So, there are no chances of emitting harmful toxins into the land or water. It makes use of lesser water during cultivation, mixes organic herbs, and naturally fights pests.

Many surveys and studies have been conducted with regards to the cultivation of cotton. They indicate that only around three percent of the total world's farmland is occupied by cotton. But it makes use of almost 25 percent of the total chemicals used in the world. It consumes pesticides and fertilizers immensely.

Cultivation of cotton makes use of highly toxic pesticides like Defoliant Paraquat and Parathion. In fact, most of the chemicals used in the cultivation of cotton have the potential to cause cancer in human beings. Researches indicate that less than 10 percent of it is actually used in cotton production. Rest is consumed by the land that eventually reduces its fertility and contaminates surface water.

Courtesy : fibre2fashion.com


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