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The emag named "Fashion Enigma" will be published regularly with its all new and high quality content featuring fashion worldwide. Fashion enigma is an effort to give a unique marketing platform to people associated with Ethnic, Green-tailing and handcrafted fashion from all around the world. To keep you ahead of the fashion, Enigma brings everything from Fashion to personal style with unique inspiration.

The magazine features:

  • International, national and local fashion and fashion trends.
  • Interviews and Conversations with key figures of the fashion world.
  • Technicalities behind the glamour world.
  • Unique advertising opportunity for fashion designers, brands, boutiques to showcase themselves.
  • News on fashion shows, parties, behind the scenes of Glamour world.
  • Pages of artwork and photography blended with sophisticated layout.
  • Best graphics and editorial thought.
  • Job features and listings.
  • Articles developed by fashion experts and enthusiasts.

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